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At Compozent, we aspire to be an integral part of every student’s learning journey by equipping them with valuable knowledge and empowering them with the confidence to tackle real-world challenges in their respective fields.

Mass Media

Explore the field of Journalism, Content Writing, SEO, Digital Marketing, and many more

Software Development

Explore the field of Web, Mobile App, Game, DevOps, AI, ML, DS, and many more

Core Domains

Python, Java, C++, Cyber Security, Cloud Engineering, Database Administrator, Blockchain and many more

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Compozent aims to inspire and equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the media or technology industries. Our mission is to provide them with a platform that provides students with hands-on experience in real-world scenarios. We strive to challenge and develop their problem-solving, communication, and technical skills, and foster a passion for innovation and creativity that will serve them well in their future careers.


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Software Development

SDE involves designing, creating, and maintaining applications, using programming and frameworks to meet specific user needs and requirements.

Web Development

Web development involves designing, building, and maintaining websites and web applications, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Frameworks.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development involves designing, building, and maintaining applications for mobile devices, using Programming Language & Frameworks

DS, AI, ML and BI

Explore the field of Data Science, Artifical Intelligence, and Machine Learning within the releam of Data Analytics and Technology

Cybersecurity & Cloud

Cybersecurity protects systems from digital threats; Cloud computing stores and accesses data and apps over the internet.

Mass Media

Mass media refers to various forms of communication, including Social Media, Website, Communities, and others to reach a large audience.

Internship program

Unlock your potential with our valuable

Join the internship program at Compozent to gain practical experience, network with professionals, build your resume, and earn a certification upon completion.

Practical Experience

The internship offers the opportunity to gain practical experience in a real-world setting, which can help you develop industry-specific skills and knowledge.

Networking Opportunity

The internship provides the opportunity to network with professionals in your desired field, which can lead to job offers or other career opportunities in the future.

Resume Building

Having an internship on your resume can demonstrate to potential employers that you have relevant experience and are dedicated to your career development.

Certification & LOR

Internship offers certification and Letter of Recommedation upon completion, which can further enhance your resume and demonstrate your proficiency in a specific area or skill set.

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About the programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some potential FAQs and answers about the internship program at Compozent

What kind of internships does Compozent offer?

Compozent offers internships in various fields of Computer Science, including software development, web development, mobile app development, data science, artificial intelligence, and others; and Mass Media.

Is the internship program at Compozent Onsite or Remote?

The internship program at Compozent is virtual, meaning that interns can work remotely from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

How long does the internship program last?

The internship period is of 1 month.

How can I apply for an internship at Compozent?

Interested candidates can apply for an internship at Compozent by visiting the Careers section of the company website, and submitting their resume and other required information.

Eligibility for Certificate of Internship, and Letter of Recommendation?
  • Eligibility for Certificate – 1 Tasks
  • Eligibility for Letter of Recommendation – 2 Tasks