“Top 6 Startups that you can launch with little or zero investment”

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In the era of technology, plunge into the world of startups and an entrepreneurship. Startups are all about to turning a new innovative ideas into implements in a reality. In this article, we will explore 6 startups that you can start with minimum or zero investment.

Get ready to unlock your inner entrepreneur. All of you need is a strong determination, consistent hard work as well as smart work and a creative skills to turn your passion of an entrepreneurship into profit. Let’s dive into a world of endless opportunities.

Here are 6 Start-up ideas that you can launch and start your journey:

Freelance Services:

Freelance services are becoming very popular than ever.  Whether you are a student or graduate, you can offer your skills online as a free-lancer and earn a good amount of money. Skills in that you are interested and passionate about that skills like content writing, graphic designer, programming, social media management and many more etc. Freelancing allows you to work on your terms. You can work from home instead of going to anywhere. So yes, it is a great idea to start your career and earn money.

Content creator:

In today’s digital era, from kids to old age people, all of us are using social media and spends many hours on that platforms. Of course, it is time consuming. So, instead of spending hours on that social media platforms, you can create YouTube channel, Podcasts, or a blog in which you’re interested. You can create your own content and upload it on that platform like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google etc. As the viewers of your content increases, it will monetize through ads, sponsorships or merchandise. So, it’s another great idea that you can start to implement from your convenient zone and earn a good amount of money.

Online coaching:

After the covid pandemic, online coaching is becoming the popular than ever. You can offer online coaching or consulting services like tutoring, fitness, nutrition, career or personal development. You can offer these services from the comfort zone like home.  You can conduct a session of video call or online courses. You can work as a part time or full time job as per your convenience and can earn a very good amount of money.

Homemade products:

If you are interested in DIY homemade crafts and have a creative side, so this is a very good idea to earn money through this. You can sell self-made crafts, jewelry, or artwork offline or online through on many platforms like Etsy. You can personalized your products to stand out from the competition.

E- Commence reselling:

It’s also a great option to start your own small business. You can sell any products like clothes, decorative items, beauty products or clearance products etc. on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and messho etc to resell products. It is a best idea to commence your small business with less investment and you can earn a good amount of profit.

Social Media Management:

Nowadays, most of the people are expanding their businesses using social media platforms. So, you can help them to their online presence by managing their online accounts. You can offer services content creation, scheduling, community engagement and analytics etc. So, through managing social media accounts, you can earn a good amount of money. 

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