Level up your style with eco-friendly “Sustainable fashion”

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Are you ready to level up of your style with eco-friendly fashion choices that makes a positive impact on our life? In the era of rapid fashion, their impacts on our environment are exhausted. So, it’s a time to plunges into the world of sustainable fashion

In today’s rapid paced era, daily new trends are emerging. In the vast country like ours, there are millions of people who are wearing cloths and after some time, they discarded it. Do you ever think, where the all wasted cloths goes? So, here’s the answer: some cloths are recycled and reused, and the some cloths which are non-biodegradable, left on the earth for the thousands of years. This is really destructive for our environment. So, “sustainable fashion’ initiated to overcome from that major issue of concern for our environment. It can transform your wardrobe while making positive impact on our environment.

What is “Sustainable Fashion’’?

Sustainable fashion is an ecofriendly way to create cloths, which have less impact on our environment. Cloths like organic fabrics made, pure cotton, and silk cloth etc. It promotes organic and eco-friendly fabric materials.

  • It promotes eco-friendly fashion with minimal use of artificial fabrics.
  • Through this, we can support to combat with climate change and saving natural resources.
  • It promotes reducing the waste of cloths by recycling, reused ways.
  • It encourage long usage of cloths by improving the quality of cloth, reduces the need of frequent purchases.
  • It promotes using of natural dyes, which are not harmful chemicals.

There are many Indian brands which are adopting “Sustainable fashion” like Reistor, Okhai and many more!

Impacts of “Sustainable Fashion” on fashion industries:

  • Many industries are adopting and prioritizing sustainable fashion by producing organic material fabrics and assisting transparent supply chains in all over the world.
  • People are becoming more aware of environmental issues.
  • There are many brands and fashion designers, who collaborates and discussing related to the innovative ideas and solutions such as recycling, upcycling, reducing waste and renewable energy sources.
  •  Sustainable fashion is gaining popularity in fashion weeks, fashion shows, campaign etc. By this, the awareness of ecofriendly fashion will spread to more audiences.
  • Many fashion industries are using celebrities and influencers are promote sustainable fashion clothing style to showcase on a large platform.

How can we adopt “Sustainable Fashion”?

  • Minimize the Purchase: If you are fond of cloths, you have to minimize the shopping of cloths for the better of environment.
  • Choose organic fabric cloths: you can look for the cloths which are organic or linen. They might be costly but they will last longer.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity: invest in a longer lasting, better quality of cloths instead of cheap quality with low price.
  • Learn basic sewing skills: if cloths are damaged instead of throwing it, you can sew it and wear it again.
  • Properly take care of your cloth by laundering and washes them timely.
  • Educate yourself and others about the importance of sustainable fashion, research and read articles about it.

Remember, sustainable fashion is not be expensive, but it’s all about making ecofriendly choices and mindful of your usage habits.

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