Teacher’s Day, about Radhakrishnan and other divine masters we all have known


Radhakrishnan was a marvel of human potential, make no mistake about that. He was what you would call a polymath, such was the span of his intelligence, which coincidentally was his name meaning as well( Sarvepalli meaning when a lot comes under someone’s span). He was a renowned scholar of his time and an exalted politician as well, which has since been a position a rarefied few have been able to enjoy.

So for a man of his learning, it should come as no surprise that his birthday has been selected as the day to celebrate Teacher’s Day for a long time now. I always thought that this is to celebrate only the ones who are actually teachers, but no, it is to celebrate the spirit of teaching, a noble act, no matter who does it, for age is no barrier here. A 5 year old can teach you things a 70 year old cannot, and afterall, like they say, inspiration can strike anywhere, anytime and anyone.

Jupiter in our worldwide famous Vedic astrology is called Guru in Hindi, he being the teacher to the Devas and having his rival as Venus( Shukra), the teacher to the Asuras. If you see any professor embodying leadership but benevolence, a firm exterior with a soft interior and the ability to get their point across successfully, consider them the Jupiterian offsprings( in astrology, without Jupiter, one cannot engage in acts like these, for he will not have the necessary inclination required).

I have seen my share of teachers, some benevolent, some glacial, and some a mix of both. I do confess that I had the troublemaker reputation built up, so I may not have been the easiest student to deal with but it was always my English teachers that fascinated me the most, and till date I remember their names and the classes they taught me in, Mrs Rumpa Chakraborty in grade 3rd( yes, grade 3 was a life altering year for me, it made me infatuated at first with English, then it bound me in a lengthy affair that persists till date) Mrs Anupama Kumar for grade 4th and 5th, Mrs Madhurima Bhattacharya for class 7th, Miss Shobha Prasad for class 8th, Mrs Karuna Makkar for class 6th and 9th, Miss Neena C John for class 10, Mrs Falak Fatima for grade 11 and Mrs Iris Thomas for grade 12. I met most of them some days back, a no longer timid boy, but rather a grown man that will be a working professional next year, inspired divinely by these women that made him find his calling through their stolid virtues and endless patience. It made me acutely conscious of how time has passed and how I have grown as a person, both metaphysically and literally( I was short until grade 11th and then a furious growth spurt happened that made me look and feel like a bamboo, which took me quite some time to get over).

To all these teachers, who have quite a substantial role in my journey, I have a lack of words to properly express my gratitude but I hope you understand the depth of my feeling through this writeup, but this article would be incomplete without my mother and father, whose lotus feet and hands I regularly pay my obseiances to.

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  1. Beautifully penned.
    Thank you so much. I feel honoured to be a part of your journey. May God bless you in all future endeavors.

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