“The Influence of Social Media on body images and how we can handles that problem”

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Hey there! Are you ready to plunge into the world of enchanting social media and its’s impact on our thinking and life. In today’s digital era, where filters are editing the reality of life, it’s necessary to think and a closer look at yourself that how these platforms are shaping your perceptions of beauty.

On Social Media, where most of people sharing their good personal moments captured in pictures and videos and hides the reality. From perfect polished like influencers and fitness guru’s, they are showcasing flawless physiques, unrealistic body that are flood our feeds. Social Media has an intense impact on our life and how do we looking at yourself and others

The impact of an idealized images:

Nowadays, Social media has emerges a prominent stages in our daily life. Most of every age of people are using social media and spending hours there. People are scrolling their feed, got attracted to flawless skin, perfect figure and trending lifestyle. Social media is promoting a culture of comparison, where individuals are comparing ourselves with others and that images are often portraying an idealized version of beauty, setting unrealistic standards. People are easily falling into comparison trap that can leave us feeling of inadequacy, jealous, lower self-esteem and negative thinking mind etc. This is not a real truth of whole story. It’s just a part of good moments that people are sharing. It’s time to break free from the pressure of conform and embrace your own beauty.

The reality behind the filters:

In the world, where we are dominated by the digital ream. It’s necessary to acknowledge that social media is not always portray the accurate reflection of real life. Most of the content on social media platforms are edited and airbrushed. Famous influencer posted their stuffs like filters on photos and videos to make it attractive and hide their flaws, show their unrealistic figures. through high clever lighting, camera angles, many editing techniques can enhanced the quality of content. These are just a part of good moments that they are sharing. There are lots of emotions and experiences that they are not always shared.  So, we should try to avoid to falling into comparison trap. And embrace our life, our body both online and offline.

Embracing yourself:

  • It’s very important for us to embrace and prioritize ourselves with their own unique beauty and focus on inner qualities and personal achievements rather than external beauty.
  • We should develop a good and healthy lifestyle, which helps us to grow mentally as well as physically like toga, meditation, self-care and surrounded with positive people.
  • Keep remind to seize the day and live your precious life on your own terms, pursuing their passion, dream without hesitation and work hard to make it reality.
  • We have to accept failures rather than regret and work on it and learn from the previous errors. 
  • Try to make new cherished memories with new and old friends and spend good time with them.
  • Life is an amazing journey, we have to enjoy every little moments of our life.
  • Treat yourself like a special, go with date and spend good time with yourself.


Its crucial to raised concerns about social media that how it is shaping our body images. Remember that, the content that are shared on social media may not always effect on reality. Embracing self-love, reality things, sustainable fitness goal, aims and focused on the mental and physical positivity are the key to maintain a balance between a healthy relationship with social media and body image.

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