Compozent and other major platforms that help in finding internships


As I talked about before, internships have gotten a good and bad rep at the same time. They are essentially like stepping stones. You can use the experience you garner through them to negotiate a better standing for yourself when you seek an actual job( internships are a lot like simulations, think of the Matrix yes) but the only problem with such an arrangement is that it is either grossly underpaid and even worse, completely unpaid, a bane many of us have faced and keep facing in the ever increasingly cutthroat world.

But fear not, there are platforms that can help you straddle such experiences in a much more graceful way and even help you learn something in the process

  1. Internshala- One of the all time favorites in the business, Internshala has grown by leaps and bounds owing to the extraordinary word of mouth it has gotten over the years. It provides internships for all sizes and types of students, and keeps adding on to its portfolio.
  1. Compozent- A Mumbai based tech company that is steadily rising in the sector owing to the diverse services it provides, it is now becoming a new favorite for all tech enthusiasts and geeks for the services it provides. Look up their website, which is as accessible as they are and learn more for yourself.
  1. Glassdoor- This is a personal favorite for the reason that it is a go to website not only for internships but also full fledged jobs and yes, you may very well find yourself paid gigs in any mode, which has to be refreshing in every respect.
  1. Twenty19-  A recent blip on the chart, it works in the Internshala mode, the other similarity being that for students it provides internships in a relaxing manner and helps manage the same expectations with the companies too.
  1. Mediabistro- Like the media principle of consistency, just like the name, this one provides internships that are exclusively geared in the media and marketing industries, a look out for the ones that look out for specific niches.
  1. Monster- A direct rival to Linkedin itself, it will give you everything that Linkedin does, ranging from psychometric tests to CV makeovers, it is the perfect implementation of the umbrella principle.
  1. Linkedin- This list would be considered incomplete without as they say in hip-hop parlance, the OG, Linkedin. Over the years, many have come and gone in this business, but Linkedin endures, for every other internship provider has taken something from Linkedin but never rivaled it while on Number 8th,, this platform as the name suggests, has acted as the intermediary for finding jobs, in one way, this is a Linkedin contemporary that while not in vogue, remains an option to fall back on.
  1. Google- Never doubt the power of a precise Google search, for one search cna take you to corners you would not know existed, and yes they are beyond these aforementioned ones in many cases.
  1. Your own college- Keep in touch with the websites of your college and the placement cell, it is not uncommon to see opportunities regarding work openings etc on the same.
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