How to get an internship in Compozent ? Want to enhance your skills? Join us.


We are hiring! At Compozent , our organization specializes in offering students internship opportunities in the IT and journalistic industries. Our internships normally last one month, and we have rules and regulations in place to make sure that both the interns and the organizations they work with have a worthwhile and fulfilling experience. We are committed to assisting students in acquiring practical knowledge and professional experience in their chosen fields.

Be it any field, hands-on experience is the need of the hour. Internships are crucial because they provide you the chance to learn practical skills, get a taste of the working world, and discover your career interests. Additionally, they offer networking possibilities and may open doors for potential future employment. Additionally, you’ll pick up knowledge that you might have never acquired in a traditional classroom. It’s a win-win scenario!

Since, now a days even getting an internship is not that easy , but here at Compozent we encourage students to participate in our internship programs. 

We are available on Google and LinkedIn. Currently we are hiring in Mass media for Content writer, SEO, journalism and Digital Marketing Software development and Core domains of software development in IT such as Python, C++, Java, Cloud Engineering


(Terms and Conditions of the Internship (TnCs) – Compozent)

  1. Time period– We offer a month long internship, at the comfort of your house. Remote working for 1-2 hours per day.
  2. Professional conduct – Interns are expected to behave themselves in a respectful and professional manner at all times. The internship may be terminated for any inappropriate actions or policy violations. 
  3. Privacy– During their internship, interns may have possession of sensitive or confidential information.  It is their duty to protect the privacy of such information and to abide by any confidentiality policies that may be in force. 
  4. Assessment: The intern must fulfill the duties assigned in accordance with their area of expertise. If the intern doesn’t live up to the standards or criteria of the role, the employer maintains the right to end the internship at any moment. After completing the assignments, the intern would be requested to submit them, and their performance would then be assessed.
  5. Certificate and Letter of Recommendation – Interns are qualified to earn a certificate of internship completion and a letter of recommendation upon successfully completing the assigned duties. When an intern completes one task, they are entitled for a certificate of completion; when they complete two tasks, they are also eligible for a letter of reference. All documents will bear the intern’s name as it appears on the registration form for the internship. 

NOTE – The company’s terms and conditions will be adhered to by interns who accept this internship offer. They must also follow any additional rules or policies that may be developed by the business during their internship. These rules and regulations are in place to make sure that everyone who works there has a happy and fruitful workplace. Interns can get the most out of their internship experience and contribute to the general success of the company by adhering to these terms and conditions. It’s all about working together to develop a partnership that benefits both parties! 


Q-What are the working hours for the internship?

-1-2 hours per day is the least requirement depending upon the domain you have chosen.

Q Will there be any off’s in the week?

  • According to our policies, there are 5 working days in the week. You can take any two day off but the reminder should be sent in the group or to your team lead.

Q Where can we register for the Internship?

  • You can visit us at And the registration form can be filled through our side only. You need to select the domain in which you want to join the internship and fill all the details precisely.

Q  How long the internship lasts?

  • The internship lasts one month.

Q What is the procedure of receiving the offer letter?

  • Once the assigned task is completed by you we will email the offer letter on your chosen email-id.

Q Can we apply for the Internship through internshala or LinkedIn?

  • We are available on Linkedin. But we are not available on Internshala yet. 

Q Are there any charges for the internship?

  • The intern is liable to pay a sum of Rs 49. (This fee is non – refundable)

Q Is this internship paid or unpaid?

  • This internship is unpaid.

Q What is procedure after selection?

  • You will provided the link to join the whatsapp group.

Q  What is the procedure if i want to leave the internship in between?

-Either party may end the internship at any time, with or without cause, by providing the other party with writing notice.

Our goal at Compozent is to become a vital and integral part of each student’s educational experience. We work hard to foster an atmosphere where students can flourish and develop while giving them worthwhile opportunity to improve their educational experience. By providing practical internships, we hope to close the knowledge gap between the classroom and the real world, enabling students to gain the information and abilities required for success in the media and technology sectors.

We want to motivate and give students the tools they need to succeed in their chosen industries through our programs. In our opinion, students may develop their problem-solving skills, improve their communication talents, and gain a thorough understanding of business procedures by immersing themselves in real-world situations. 

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