Is it necessary to have internship experience during your student life?


Yes! absolutely, it’s very necessary to have internship experience while studying. In today’s competitive environment, there is a huge importance of internship for college students to gain their practical skills and practical experiences. There is nothing important than to gain real world experiences and gain valuable skills.  Internships are indispensable opportunities, which helps to students to build their professional career. In this article, we will explore utmost importance of internships and how is it necessary for you to shape your career.

Internships are like golden opportunities for under graduate and post graduate students. It provides you real life practical working experiences while studying in college. It helps you to gives a competitive edge in the job market. They offer hands on experiences and helps to develop beneficial skills. It helps the students to apply knowledge, domain skills and practical experiences. It provides a set of many skills like personal development skills such as better communication, problem solving and teamwork etc. and many professional skills. They gives you a chance to explore  different career paths and different industries, which helps you to figure out your career and helping them to choose what do you interested in it. 

Having an internship while studying brings many incredible benefits:

  • Practicum – Internship gives you a opportunity to apply what you have learned and allows to learn many practical skills.
  • Helps to choose career path – It helps you to explore many career paths and different industries.  They gives you a better working experience and helps you to figure out your most liking career path.
  • Boost resume or CV – Internships helps to student to build their strong and attractive resume. It signifies your worthy working experiences and show your potential.
  • Job opportunities – Internships are a great way to explore working job opportunities. Most of internships turn into full time job offers. So, it’s a great way to start your career.
  • Skill development – It helps you to gain many essential skills like communication, enthusiasm, leadership and many more, which helps to strengthen your resume and practical working experiences.
  • Professional development – Through internship, you will get to more about working environment, teamwork and many industry specific practical, which helps you to grow your professional experiences.
  • Personal development – It helps you to grow as a person and provides you to gain time management, adaptability and a growth mindset. It pushes you to out of your comfort zone and helping to explore many career paths.

So, there are tons of benefits to having internship while studying. They are helping to take valuable career decisions. Internships are great investment in your personal and professional growth. But it may not be necessary or mandatory. They are suggested to gain your working experience and career prospects.

My journalism internship experience in compozent

Recently, I was selected for the journalism internship in compozent organization. It is my first internship while studying. I am really excited to work with them and to be a part of compozent team. It is a great opportunity for me to implement my writing skills knowledge into practice. My journalism internship role includes to write 5 articles per week. The team members are very supportive and give guidance regarding writing an article. I am learning a various new things about online writing articles like how to edit and post article and many more etc. it is helping me to gain my writing experience while studying. It developed a better understanding of journalism path as a content creator through this internship. It is helpings me to enhance my skills like problem solving, enthusiasm, writing and creativity etc. which will benefit to me in my future career.

About compozent –

Compozent is an organization related to technology, information and media. The main objective is to inspire and provides the essential skills and knowledge to a students, which helps them in their professional career.  It is a platform where you can work as an intern and strengthen your domain and personal skills. If you are a fresher or experienced, you can work with us. We provides many opportunities in different domains like journalism, python, C++, Java, game development, cyber security and many more etc. so, you can visit our site to get know more about us.

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