“Top 4 most frequently asked questions about internships”.


In today’s competitive world, every college student want to gain experience in any domain field. Internships are great opportunities for graduates and college students to gain their practical work experiences and learn new skills. Many of students have doubts, queries about internships and they don’t know that how to get an internship? Am I eligible for an internship? And many more questions like that. So here, we will burst your most frequently asked questions about internship.

Q.  How do get an internship?

  • Step #1:  During your college period, you should start looking for an internship. Firstly, ask to yourself about what you are interested in and take time to think about that.
  • Step #2:  Next, explore yourself that what type of skills do you want to develop. Research about many domain skills, gain knowledge and search about their opportunities
  • Step #3:  Research about many platforms which are providing internship opportunity with your interest and career goals. Visits to their websites like LinkedIn, internshala and many more! And also get to know their requirements of your interested internship.
  • Step #4: Create your resume or CV:  Your resume is the first impression of your in front of an organization. You have to make sure that they are error free, highlight your skills and experiences etc.
  • Step #5: Prepare well for interviews: Make sure that you are well prepared, well dressed and practice answering common interview questions. You don’t need to be hesitate and nervous, just show your skills and enthusiasm.

Q.  From where to get an internship?

Ans. To find internship, you can explore and research many sources:

  • Online job platforms: You can create an account on website portals and research about multiple internship opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn, Internshala and many more are providing many internship opportunities.  You can search according to your location, industry type and other criteria’s.
  • Personal connections:  You can reach out to family, friends and colleagues. They might have connection in your interested industry. They can refer you as an intern.
  • University Career Services: You can research in your university internship cell. They can help you to find your interested internship opportunity.
  • Company websites: Many companies offer internship opportunities directly on their website. Research about their company, take time and look accordingly to your interested internships.

Q.  Am I eligible to get an internship?

Ans. Are you in doubt that you are eligible for internship or not? Well, the good news is that internships are available for a wide range of individual, recently graduated including studying students. Eligibility criteria may be vary depends on company to company.

  • The first requirement is that you have to be having a strong interest in any domain field. This can be increases your chances to grab it.
  • Most of the internship requires candidate to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma.
  • It is also important to stay updated your resume and fulfilling the requirements of an internship.

Q.  Is it hard to get an internship?

Ans.  Many students have doubt that is it hard to get an internship. It can be little challenging due to more competition and increasing the networks. But it is possible to increase your chances. It is important to consistently research on websites and university career services as many students are eager to gain valuable working experiences.

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