Bluntly Honest opinion part 2, on Elon Musk, genius, jester, and many other things


Are all great men cynical and prone to being jerks? Well, the twentieth century was one filled with great upheaval and abrasiveness, so it did produce many victors in the Moshe Dayan coating- charismatic, headstrong, filled with ideas bordering on towering ambition and potential insanity with a strong tendency towards nihilistic realism. Although not all, it had men like Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Imre Nagy, Lech Walesa and so on. These men did not lack in magnetism as well, but the struggle they faced like their contemporaries mentioned above did not make them hardened, instead it lent them an invincible coat of humanity.

Charismatic. You have heard this word used many times for a lot of famous people. As per the dictionary it means capable of inspiring a compelling charm and sure enough. It can be a safe assumption that if a person is making headlines every other day and manages to hold attention, they possess this virtue. But, did you know that there are two types of charisma, positive and negative, the former helps you win friends and the latter enemies. But the word is such that it will be used unhesitatingly without ever differentiating between the two. Whether this is a fatal exercise or not is subject to a discussion for another time.

Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989 and things were never the same again. Hasan Minhaj the comedian when asked about whether kids were on the Internet, said that in his time( he was born in 1985, making him a millennial) the reason internet was such in demand was because everything was available on the internet and the reason it is so dangerous today is for the same reason, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is indeed available on the Internet. 

Although, a lot of it is hidden in a place called the Dark Web and when I did have a glimpse of it, shock is an understatement. But coming back to my topic, it is Elon Musk today, the recent times savant, is in no uncertain terms the King of the Internet and if you are a follower of his on X( to be fair, X is actually an attractive name, and it conveys many possibilities to the listener, which a bird mascot named after Larry Bird did not, it was endearing and in today’s time, being enigmatic is a better idea)

Paypal, another brainchild of his, was originally named X( Let us not forget, before the Paytm era was Paypal and while it had/ has competitors, it still retains a substantial stock in the market till date)  and this is the entire foundation of the man, this lone letter. X-factor is described as that special quality that cannot be taught, yet it is the reason why some people can be distinguished from an entire crowd. You may call Elon names, satirize him but tell me, how many people can do the same things he can and still maintain an unwavering stand? 

Yes Elon has both types of charisma in spades and there is no chance he will cease being this way. My friend asked me why was Twitter renamed X. To that I say, it is the oeuvre of the man behind it.

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