Bluntly Honest opinion time for the robotics trend in movies, from a former sci-fi fan

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I loved sci-fi with a burning passion from a young age, I do not deny that. In fact, there has always been a tendency in me to catch a whiff of the slightest thing that I found interesting and then run after it like a possessed bloodhound. 

A photo of me from 2006, notice the determined stance at even age 5

People who have known me can attest to this fact easily, they often think I have a loud, brash energy that surges through me and overwhelms the respondent at the other end and routinely I have been accused of being egotistical, an accusation that if not 100 percent correct, is at least 60 percent so. I was obsessed with animals in my childhood to the extent that my parents nicknamed me Tarzan, the love still persists and do not be surprised if one day you find me a owning a menagerie of animals like tigers, elephants, pythons, bears, peacocks etc in the same, sensuous way Lord Byron did the same some 200 years back.

The first ever sci-fi movie that I recall seeing is I, Robot based on the seminal novel by Issac Asimov, with a suitably captivating performance given by Will Smith, long before he became the infamous face of Slapgate, although much bigger controversies have been perpetrated by the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Charlie Sheen, Rob Lowe etc so maybe he should not worry too much about the same, if anything, his star has been burnished even more.

So I in my whimsies often imagined what it would be like to friends with a robot, how it would go about having them as my companions or co-workers and almost telepathically, the two movies, Her and Ex Machina released and gave further ground to my thoughts, which now had a newfound realism to them. Her was an oddity in the way that it involved the protagonist getting obsessed with his AI and falling in love with her, which somehow felt personal to my basic obsessive nature but it was stretched too far, even for a movie. Ex Machina was more about a despotic tech-genius who had made a slave of his robot, the robot wanting to be desperately free. 

I will not further speak about these movies for the sake of spoilers, though for all you future technocrats and tech geniuses/tech enthusiasts, watch them as cinematic experiences for sure. Which now brings me to the part of robots. It is clear that while they are not sentient beings in themselves, rather more coldly logical, one thing is clear, they are much ahead of us in learning and even mimicking, and when they can sense emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, it is then not abstruse to assume that they will want to experience the full human emotional spectrum as well, leading the same complex, rich lives we all do.

So, have the movies set off a trend? Maybe, maybe not, maybe they are showing us what we cannot see happening in the labs or maybe they are just exploring possibilities. Am I looking forward to the day to befriending, knowing robots? Yes, as long as they do not eat up my job.

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