Elon Musk, the man behind the X, to be sued by many former employees


Franz Kafka wrote about reclusive protagonists. He was accurate on that, he was a recluse himself, especially when you juxtapose him by Max Brod, the upbeat, womanizing best friend that did not heed the advice of burning Kafka’s manuscripts when he died and is one of the reasons today Kafka is hailed as a literary hero and even a word has been made up for him, Kafkaesque, which means nightmarish and is a perfect adjective for the corporates.

The recluse trend has always been a part of the artistic world. And it produced great literature. James Joyce is one, although I still haven’t managed to read Ulysses and comment on whether it is actually readable or not( I have no one in my circle who has read it so maybe I am not alone). So is William S Burroughs, who was everything imaginable except a writer( he did a lot that cannot be spoken of in public, let alone the written word but it is safe to say that he was famous for all the things you are not supposed to be famous for).

But enough about those dead giants of the literary past. The reclusive trend crept into the tech world, especially after the religious peregrinations of Steve Jobs, when he visited the Maharishi and lived an uncluttered life, both spiritually and literally, so did Linus Torvalds, invented the ubiquitous Linux software and donated it free of cost, without even asking for a hint of any fame or money, just a global humanitarian vision in mind. 

Is it worth being this way? The question may come easy but there is no one answer to it. Publicity is important in this field and as the adage goes, there is no such thing as good or bad publicity, but being famous for the sake of being famous is now a cliche. As far as the English language goes, we have a word for everything nowadays and for this particular situation, the word is famesque( google Kim kardashian and you will see)

Elon Musk is the most publicized technocrat ever, no one has ever reached this level before him and he certainly is one of the most eccentric ones ever, look at his son’s name and decide for yourself. Okay, I understand that you have a preternatural fascination for the letter X, as your recent rebranding has made clear, but maybe let us not embarrass our kids Elon?

Anyway, in a not so surprising newsbite, it has been reported that Elon is being sued by his former employees for not paying their salaries after a mass firing and being an autocratic jerk in general, which is now a common corporate stereotype, which all of us have faced some time or the other. A software engineer had claimed that his severance wasn’t paid and since then that complaint has attracted media attention and many other cases, since unresolved.

It is not the first time Elon has come under fire but as the man is now, it won’t be the last time as well.

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