From lowly waiter to Instagram head, the stupendous journey of Adam Mosseri


Uncle Sam, as America is fondly called in political vernacular, has been a nation of imprable successes. It all seems like a Evelyn Waugh novel sometimes, where characters are put into similar situations but they manage to get out either way and then joke about it. I mean, you will be surprised to know the nickname Uncle Sam was based on a meatpacker by the name of Samuel Wilson, who even bore a slight resemblance to the goatee bearded, decked in an Americana outfit cartoon which was conceived and immortalized by James Flagg.

Another example is of Ray Kroc, the man who made McDonald’s the standard fare for street food around the world. He did not invent the brand as is commonly mistaken, instead he bought the concept from Richard and Maurice Macdonald, with the golden arches being Dick’s idea, as Richard was fondly called and after quite an intense legal battle, Ray Kroc and MacDonalds merged together forever. Where else do you find such a conducive climate for such successes? And that my friends is what the American Dream of Uncle Sam is.

American culture produced the cowboy, the inability to measure in metric system/s, Elvis Presley, the man behind rock and roll, Coca Cola, Hollywood and many more. It gave us political entertainment in the form of Donald Trump versus Hilary Clitnton, but it almost seems like their duty, doesn’t it when you have the biggest entertainment industry in the world, as statistics would say and so would TMZ.

America gave us social media too, in the form of Mark Zuckeberg launching Facebook, which of course had its fair share of acrimony and genius, and a legal drama that was made into a movie by the name of The Social Network and garnered a lot of critical acclaim. Without Facebook, now named Meta in a recent decision there would never have been an Instagram, and without that there would have been no definitive social media. 

So as I mention Instagram and its head Adam Mosseri, you will see the Uncle Sam element to it and that will prove my above mentioned claim. While clearly waiters/lowly chefs have gone on to become bestselling writers, the case of Anthony Bourdain being the most prominent example that comes to mind, it is obviously not the norm and while the industry remains sought after as an example of glamor but there is the nightmarish, absurd element to it which insiders/degree holders can elaborate better.

WASHINGTON, DC – DECEMBER 08: Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri testifies during a Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee hearing titled Protecting Kids Online: Instagram and Reforms for Young Users on Capitol Hill, December 8, 2021 in Washington, DC. The committee questioned Mosseri about how the platform impacts the mental health and safety of teens and children. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

In a twist that still can become Bourdainesque, Mosseri revealed on X a series of 5 jobs before he became the Instagram supremo, which involved going from a lowly waiter to bartender to designer to product manager and finally the Instagram head. The post went viral very quick and accumulated a lot of positive responses, from users all around the world and it shows us the importance of tenacity, a quality that has long been personified in the cowboys of the Wild West and the American Dream

Book and movie deal, Mr Mosseri?

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