Google Celebrating its 25th Anniversary: A journey of milestone innovation


Google’s journey has been remarkable for the technology worldwide. From answering everyday questions, it made our life convenient and transformed the way we research, live, work and connect with people etc. it made easy for us to access to any kind of information, news, entertainment and many more etc. From Self drive cars to artificial intelligence, Google has always been at the top in the technology progress.

How was google invented?

The Google’s story was begins on 4th September, 1998. The Larry page and Sergey Brin, two Ph.d students at Stanford, invented a simple search engine named as ‘Backrub’, which later evolved into Google as we know today.

The main objective and mission of google was to create a simple search engine, where everyone can easily access to any kind of information on internet. There innovative and creative innovation transformed the worldwide technology. It’s really an amazing that how their idea was transformed into a milestone achievement, we know today. It changed the way of communication, living, work and many more!

Google’s innovative inventions:
  • Googles is not just a search engine nowadays but it is also a platform, where it introduced and expanded the wide range of another services after the successful invention of Google, that have become need of our lives. Like email (Gmail), Google Drive, Google Maps, You-tube, and much more.
  • Through many innovations, Google also invented Google Books, the company also digitalized many books and made more easily to billions of people on internet.
  • Google has a huge impact on worldwide technology, with it’s high power engine, it can easily access to any kind of information to billions of people. Whether you need to research on anything, news, entertainment, sports and many more etc. It has got you covered. It’s like a digital non-stop shop for all of your needs.
  • The Google’s autonomous vehicles project also known as ‘Waymo’ developed the self driving cars with with their advanced innovative technology. It opens the way for future where transportation is more safer and efficient.
  • The Company has also notable contribution in the field of artificial intelligence. Its deep learning algorithms powered the image recognition, voice assistant, natural language processing and speech recognitions etc.
  • Reason of success: Google’s smart, innovative technology and ability to adapt the changing times and maintain the position as a foremost in worldwide technology. The company also never afraid to take risks and explore new ideas.

Throughout its journey, Google has concerned about environmental responsibilities and prioritize the sustainability. The Company has also invested in renewable energy, aiming the operation of 100% clean energy. As for its workforce, Google has talented and hardworking team that attributes to its innovative ideas and its implementations.

In conclusion, Google’s 25th anniversary is celebration of of remarkable and memorable journey. From simple search engine to global tech giant platform, its really incredible to see that much innovation and advancement in their entire journey. Looking ahead, there is no doubt that Google will continue to shape the future technology with their innovative advancements. Google is also working on machine learning, quantum computers, and many more etc. From self-driving cars to artificial intelligence, Google’s innovations achieved the huge milestone in worldwide technology.

So here’s Google’s 25th years of technology innovations: Happy Birthday Google, Thank you for changing the worldwide technology!

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