Google is offering AI courses, scholarships, IT certifications for free, great opportunity for students and professionals


Google is celebrating its 25th birthday in this year. Google’s journey has been remarkable for the technology world-wide. So, there is an exciting opportunity for students and professionals who want to gain their IT skills and gain their valuable knowledge in any IT and AI domain from google is offering many IT certifications, scholarships and AI courses which are requires in today’s competitive job market.

The main objective of this program:
  • To make AI education and IT skills accessible to wider range of learners in free of cost.
  • Helps to empower learners with valuable certification.
  • Aim to increase the new jobs for future.

Through this program, google is offering certification courses for everyone but mainly scholarships for selected candidates. They gets an opportunity to access to learn high quality courses. They can get an opportunity to learn from experts and gain valuable experience in many fields such as machine learning, data analytics, programming and many more etc. By completing these courses, learners will get the certifications, which can helps to increase professional profile and increases the chances of employability in the fields of AI and IT. This program is diversely for wider range of individuals like students, professionals or anyone who want to gain valuable skills in the field of AI and IT.

Benefits of getting Google verified certifications:
  • Learners will get chances to connect with industry experts, share insight’s and collaborate on real world of AI projects.
  • Helps in continuous learning environment and growth which helps to enrich the learning experiences.
  • It helps to enhance career prospects in the world of artificial intelligence.
  • Learners will get chance to learn from industry experts, professionals and gain valuable skills in just free of cost.
  • Helps to create a strong professional profile which helps in employability in AI and IT industries.
  • You can learn these courses from anywhere and anytime.

Google is offering wide range of courses related to AI and IT industry. Some of these includes-

  • Machine learning: This course includes the fundamentals of machine learning algorithm and supervised, unsupervised learning.
  • Deep learning: This course includes neutral networks and how they can help to solve complex problems.
  • Data analytics:  This course focuses on techniques and tools for analyzing and interpret the large data.
  • Natural Language processing: This course includes how Ai is works and used to understand and process human language.
  • Ethical AI: This course explores the ethical consideration and development and use of AI technologies.

These are few examples of courses that are the part of Google AI courses scholarship. It’s important to stay updated made by the google.

How can you enroll in this certification courses or scholarships?

You can visit on Google AI website and look for the section of AI courses and scholarships. You can register their and create an account. It’s always good first to do deep research about any course which you want to learn. Good luck with your learning journey. Happy learning!

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