iPhone 15 Pro Max, setting the tech world on fire


It was not until the early 80s that anybody had heard of Apple, the company that is now famous for making the permanent capitalist symbols, the iPhone and the Macbooks, and you often see them in their natural habitat, the Starbucks cafes, and now a perfect social satire.

Leaving aside capitalism and all the pop culture symbols this article can possibly talk about, although as someone who was born in the early 2000s and saw pop culture take off faster than a rocket, it is a very tempting proposition to write all I know about pop culture, for afterall I am an important part of it as a consumer.

You have Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to thank for this company, although they were involved in a bitter feud afterwards, owing to the egocentric nature of Jobs, which he never shied away from displaying in public and the refusing to accept his daughter as his own and blame her as a statistical error, does really support my claim to be fair.

But you cannot possibly deny that under the now iconic black turtleneck t-shirt and the jeans paired with New Balance sneakers, lay a consummate showman. Jobs was not a hesitant personality to begin with and always maintained a consistent, practical and equally bombastic rhetoric. While launching the first ever iPhone and the computer as well, both times he emphatically insisted that the respective innovations will change the world.

From a 4.5 inch, black, sturdy bodied, 1400 mah battery to the now around 7 inch phones that come in myriad colors(yes, pink is included), from June 2007 to 2023 September, the iPhones have been loved, hated, used, discarded in equal measure but they have never failed to inspire conversations about them, exactly like their PR savvy founder. 

The new iPhone, 15 Pro Max is the latest sensation on the block. It always baffles me how in such a short period of time, only some days back, my friend bought the iPhone 14 and right now as I write this article, we already have the 15th one ready.

Now, let us talk about the features of this phone and whether it is worth the purchase.


221g, 19 grams lighter than the 14 at 240g


Dark Blue and Titan Gray( very conventional ones as has been seen before)


8GB( not exactly innovative, most high priced phones offer the same feature)


48mp( for the ones that know their way around those triple cameras, this is a promising feature)


Usb-C type( famous nowadays, and a safe game played by Apple)


6.70 inches( not very big, reasonable enough to carry in your hand if you do not have butterfingers)


e-SIM ( a new rage right now, Samsung gives good competition here, supports 5G as well, again a competitor found in the newly launched Samsung phones)


Oled( impressive for all points taken)


IOS 17.x


4852mAH( can last above 75 hours, as tested in laboratory conditions)

Release Date:

September, not pinpointed exactly

So, should you buy this new craze? Unless you have a lagging problem with your current phone, be it battery or display, no, you can continue using the old phone and if you are the type to splurge and keep ahead with the latest technology, go right ahead. 

The new iPhone makes a case, and the rest is left to discretion.

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