In today’s digital era, new technologies are emerging day by day and it becomes an essential part of our lives. It transformed the ways in which we work, communicate and navigate the world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhancing the emerging innovations and technology but its advancement also raised concern about job displacement in many sectors like IT sector.

Role of Technology in our life

Technology become a need in today’s digital era. It has made any kind of information accessible at our fingerprints, connecting people from all corners of the world. It is transforming every aspect of our society. From Smart Phones to Social Media to Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. We are inclining towards technology day by day. It brought significant changes and improvements in our life. We use technology in every sector like healthcare, education, business and profession etc. Sometimes, these advancement and innovations become a challenges for us like data breaching, cyber security and job displacement etc.

The Emerging Technology: Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become a noticeable topic in today’s world. It refers to a new reformed development of computer system that can perform tasks typically like human intelligence. AI is also changing the way we are interacting with technology. It allow us to communicate with voice assistance, Chat-bots and virtual assistant. It responds to our queries, doubts and provide their best opinion. It chat with us like human conversation. As a new technology rapidly emerging, but its advancement also raise the concern about the job security in many sectors. This has led to fear of job security and uncertain about the future work.

How AI is replacing jobs in Information Technology (IT) sector?

AI is indeed effecting the IT sector by automating tasks and roles traditionally performed by humans. It creates more new job opportunities. It increases efficiency, accuracy, in decision making and productivity of the organization. It freeing up human resources to concentrate on more creative and strategic work. For example: AI is being replaced by customer support roles by providing assistance and respond to customers queries. However it will be also creates more new job opportunities to manage the AI tools. So we can say that there may be a job replacement in some roles that involve repetitive and routine tasks like data entry, basic coding and customer care service and technical support maybe affected. But there is also a growing new demand for professional with AI skills in the IT sector. It is important for the individuals in the IT sector to upskill and adapt themselves to stay relevant in this emerging landscape.


The AI is definitely modifying the IT sector in certain in most of tasks and roles. It has the potential to work with efficiency, accuracy and in decision making. It requires new AI tool skills to operate it. IT professional can remain applicable and find new avenues for growth in job market. It is crucial to balance between leveraging AI potential and secure the workforce is equipped to flourish alongside it.

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