Ending the debate on remote versus virtual internships, which one should you do?


Work has gotten a bed rep since the very beginning of time itself, ever since Adam and Eve, out first human ancestors of yore were banished from heaven after Eve ate a forbidden fruit in the process of being beguiled by a snake, believed to be the devil in disguise( yes that is also the name of a rock song as well although not in the same biblical sense).

Adam and Eve were living what Oscar Wilde would have called the charmed life in heaven, doing absolutely nothing but being serenaded and serenading Mother nature in all her naked, untouched glory and after that fateful ascendant they were condemned to work and ever since that image has been carried down the generations, with work being variously described as stultifying, bone-crushing, mind numbing and definitely an obstacle to the self actualisation process as Maslow would have described it, although living life like there is no tomorrow would require a lot of money too, so maybe Mr Maslow can be questioned on his idea of how the ideal self is achieved.

To further compound the misery is an American tradition of Blue Mondays, where every 3rd Monday is called Blue Monday, a day of nationwide melancholy for the states. It is funny considering the fact that as a native Janus myself( born in January) I have celebrated my birthday on these nouveau phenomenons twice and far be it from melancholy, the joie de vivre I acquire on my birthdays is something I strive to keep duplicating again and again.

But over the years, work has diversified, much like the branches of a great banyan tree. No longer it is easier to get a job after a matriculation degree, and yes, those times were indeed surprising when one could become a bureaucrat with the same degree, when today that degree holds no great significance except serving as the cutoff for the military. To add to the eclectic mix of the jobs that sometimes sound too good to be true, like a professional napper, comes the internship concept.

While the term sounds new, the entire process dates back to the 11th century with the name being apprenticeship back then, a process that involved living with a master of a trade and learning it under his supervision, like blacksmiths for instance. They lived with the masters for a decade or more, learning the savoir faire of the trade. Of course once the apprentice became a journeyman, that is a master himself, he could pursue the trade his way and marry, something that was initially forbidden to him.

This process came to quite a halt in the Industrial revolution where the concept of what is now called vocational training and it wasn’t until the 1920s where the term intern was officially used for doctors, a trend that caught on as the century progressed. What could not have been forecasted was the way it would spread among the youth on the verge of becoming working professionals. In India alone more than 80 percent internship applications in the year 2019 were recorded, as per a Business Insider report, which is enough statistics to prove what is already obvious, the internship is here to stay.

And to answer the question in your title, there is not much of a difference between remote and virtual internships. On the topic of differences, the one thing that separates the two is coordination. While a virtual internship would ask you to dedicate a lot of time and skill in staying along with your organization in sync, a remote one is more or less more free in the sense that you can work wherever and whenever you want without much supervision, the occasional text and email suffices, although I speak from personal experience, which can vary.

At Compozent, all of you technology geeks and the ones that want to learn more about the technological age( as has been written before by astrologers and astronomers alike saying that is the Age of Aquarius, a sign that is associated with the breaking of traditions and innovation practices, as you see from Facebook to Elon Musk and many more examples). Compozent is not just an internship opportunity, with its ever growing stature and skill in the tech world, it shall serve as your guide to the Aquarius age.

So update your Linkedins and CV’s, join us in this journey.

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