Unleashing the power of mind: exploring the psychological behind consumerism


Have you ever thought that if you are roaming in market or mall, how your attention suddenly grabs by the attractive displays, sales or discount coupons and you urges are emerging to buy that products and even you don’t realize how it is manipulating you. In this article we will explore about the psychology of consumerism and how we can deal with it.

In today’s fast-paced world, trending fashion and modern lifestyle plays an important role in individual life especially in urban areas. Mostly, everyone wants to look fabulous by looks, cloths style etc. If we see in our daily life, we buys so many items like cloths, accessories, grocery and many more. The seller’s strategies are always to showcase their expensive and attractive products in beginning, which grabs your more attention and makes you feel more excited to buy them. They put discount, sales coupons to grabs your attention. Mostly in big marts and departmental stores, they use transparent glasses doors, calm music, bright lightning which engages you more in shopping happily. It makes you more excited to spontaneous purchases in case you don’t need it. So, it’s important for us as a consumer to know the importance of consumerism.

Definition of psychology of consumerism:

It is the study of ways that how we control our emotions, thoughts, behavior that impacts on our purchases decisions. It is also explore the understanding of brand’s quality, product social influence, how advertising and emotional consciousness of consumers.

The psychology of consumerism plays a pivotal role in our life. Like:

  • It helps us to aware from manipulative techniques of market.
  • It helps us to understand our needs and desires.
  • It helps us to consider long term importance on our purchasing decision.
  • It helps us to improve self-control and urges to spontaneous purchases.
  • It helps us to understand the prioritizing needs over needs

The role of identity and self-expression: Our purchasing decisions reflects our identity, self-image and values in many ways. Like if you are conscious to your health, then you will purchase nutritious food, healthy diet food etc so it reflects to your self-image. You are align yourself with your purchasing decisions.

Sometimes, people do excess shopping and even when they don’t need it. It may lead to many impacts our mental state in our daily life.


When we do excessive shopping, firstly people buys when they actually needs, later they start to purchase random products which attracted by discounts or sales coupons. Due to this, it increases your desires to purchases more items and leads to dissatisfied.


Some people who are fond of shopping, prioritize desired products over needed products. Due to excessive shopping, the large amount of bill payments leads to financial instability’s or put you in debt.

It is also suggested that we should prioritize needs over wants. It is very important to identify our necessities and need and make conscious decision regarding it.

Practice gratitude is a strong tool to overcome from unsatisfied desires for more. We should appreciate for what we need, what we have and reduce the constant accumulate needs. We can prioritize the quality products over quantity, investing in long lasting products. It leads to reduce the frequency of repurchases. It helps us to recognize our actual needs and align our self-identity and values. It teaches us to embrace a minimal simple lifestyle and free from over consumption.

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